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LUG is no more! WotC Logo

As all of you are probably aware, Last Unicorn Games is now part of Wizards of the Coast (which is part of Hasbro, which...).

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Only two Aria products were ever produced:

Aria Roleplaying

In the Myth Creation Book, you will find all the fundamentals necessary to explore your own mythic vision. Guidelines for creating mythic species, races, and cultures are provided, as well as materials for generating unique societies that exhibit diverse social structure and vocational possibilities. Also included are suggestions for constructing the laws of an environment's magical and spritual Reality, rules for resolving social and physical conflict, and lastly, methods for playing societies, heritage groups, or magical orders through many periods of interactive history.

The Persona Creation Book provides a comprehensive outline for methodical Persona generation, including separate topical discussions which suggest methods for integrating Personas more fully into the environments and cultures from which they spring. While often representing archetypal patterns from myth, Aria Personas are first and foremost products of their respective environments. Whether manifesting as crusaders on a holy quest, barbarians striving to save their homelands, heroes bent on destroying fabled beasts, or magicians seeking to discover the source of magical essence, all Personas suffer quirks of nature and belief motivated by the fundamental orientations of their nuturing cultures and driven by the necessities of their present social environments.

Aria Worlds

In Aria Worlds, you will find the tools to craft the environments of your world; if you will, the kingdom of a stage, on which your personalize and societies will interact. Included are the guidelines for creating detailed social structures, beginning with a society's age and philosophical outlook, proceeding through an examination of its technology, subsistence, internal structure (political, familial, economic, and military), and humanities (religion, art, scholastics, and magic), and terminating with a hierarchical organization of its component social classes. Aria Worlds presents these considerations in a linear, comprehensive pattern enabling you, the player, to paint the back drops of your own mythic stage more completely and richly than ever before.

Moreover, the Aria system of society design is telescoping: a village, a manor, a market town, a city, a kingdom or continent or world can all be designed from the largest continent down or from the smallest village up. The descriptive elements of all social profiles can be interpreted in countless forms, ranging from long vanished kingdoms to primitive tribal communities.

*  Errata

The following table is missing from page 80 of Worlds:

Social Mobility Table
Mobility Values  Mobility Class
0-5 Nomadic
6-15 Semi-Nomadic
16+ Sedentary

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