Artoran Cats

The Artorans are a nomadic hunting culture of telepathically linked humans and cats. Each bonded pair consists of a cat and a human of opposite gender. This link is formed early in life and allows the two bonded individuals to communicate telepathically at short range. Death of either member will generally cause the other to go insane. Those few cats who fail to bond with a human will frequently become sociopathic as well and are exiled or killed.

Physical Characteristics

Frame Value: 13
Height Value: 2, Low Variation (Use for movement rates)
Length Value: 8, Average Variation (Use for weight determination)
Feline with plains-patterned stripes and/or spots
Good resistance to heat and dehydration. Superior endurance.
Lifespan: 35 years
Background Development: 5 years
Gender Ratio: 50% male

Background Aspects

Inherent Aspects:
Natural Friend 5, Sense of Direction 1, Enhanced Smell 2, Enhanced Vision 6, Enhanced Hearing 1
The Natural Friend Aspect represents the cat's bond to a human. At Rank 5, it provides a range of 5 yards for telepathic communication and 50 yards for general awareness of the other's existence and health. For each Rank this Aspect is increased beyond 5, these ranges are doubled. If the members of the Bond-Pair are separated beyond their general awareness range, both will become paranoid and irritable rather quickly and eventually go insane.
Recommended Aspects:
Unique Abilities:
Double tactical movement rates

Expertises and Attributes

Inherent Expertises:
Wilderness 2, Languages: Artorian 5, Ousav 3, Otter 1, Thanonshad 1
Recommended Expertises:
Awareness, Brawling, Physical, Physical Adaptation
Profile Restrictions:
Minimum Attributes:
Willpower 5, Wisdom 5
After purchasing Attributes, increase Agility and Endurance by 50%, increase Strength by 100%, and reduce Manual Dexterity by 80%.
Environmental Adaptation:
Steppes and forested areas, very limited ability to survive in deserts.

Culture and Social Interaction

Dominance: Matriarchal
Heritage Orientation: Ethnocentric (Tradition)
Each bond-pair functions as an independent unit, staking out territories for itself and providing for itself and any children with very little outside contact.
Bond-pairs are invariably either a male human and a female cat or a male cat and a female human. The family group consists of the bonded pair and any of the female's children who are not yet able to take care of themselves. Mating takes place at annual gatherings of the bond-pairs in an area.
Symbols and Creative Arts:
Clothing and Decoration:
Religious and Magical Considerations:

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