Chromatic Magic: Dark Magic

Origin Concept: Dark Wizards are the college of Chromatic Adepts who draw upon the undivided ether to power their spells. Unless noted otherwise, Dark Wizards conform to the standard Chromatic Origin.

Origin Relations: Dark Wizards and Rainbow Wizards are considered Inferior to each other.

Origin Orientation: Dark Wizards tend to be powerful and insane. Even those with the best of intentions are gradually turned to evil as the chaotic power of raw ether warps their minds and bodies. Those who once belonged to another college frequently retain their previous abilities and tendencies, while those who begin as Dark Wizards are rotten to the core.


          Red:    Destruction             Energy          5
          Orange: Transformation          Organic         5
          Yellow: Creation                Physical        5
          Green:  Conjuration             Reality         5
          Blue:   Divination              Spirit          5
          Purple: Manipulation            Will            5

Incidentals: Any failed Paradigm casting requires a Willpower Trial (Difficulty = Effect Might). If the Willpower Trial's degree of success matches or exceeds the Casting Trial's degree of failure, the Adept suffers no ill effects. If not, the Adept gains 1 level of appropriate Traits per level by which the Willpower Trial came up short and half as many levels (rounded down) of Unfavorable Psychological, Mental, Physical, or Spiritual Aspects. Mythic Failures on the Willpower Trial can result in exceptional effects, such as gaining bestial characteristics.

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