Chromatic Magic

Origin Concept: Raw magical energy drifts across the world as a roiling cloud, visible only to spirits and a gifted few mortals. This is the etheric flow. As the flow passes through the physical universe, it is divided into six colors. Chromatic magic is the use of the etheric flow to create physical effects by extracting a color to power them. Additionally, it encompasses the rare and powerful Rainbow Wizards, who use all six colors in their magic, and the often-insane Dark Wizards, who use the ether in its natural, undivided form. The details listed below are general and may be superceded by the specific listings for each Origin; Rainbow and Dark Wizards, in particular, vary greatly from this description.

Origin Template

Origin Form: Essence

Origin Genesis: Inherent

Origin Nature: Fluctuating. While the ether is nominally Non-Sentient, it is shaped by the psychic energies of sentient physical beings and, when enough similar energy is concentrated in one area, a pocket of ether will become Partially Sentient, forming a spirit which may, in time, become a Power. (Powers are described more fully under Religious Magic.)

Origin Connections: Separate from Personal magics. Related to Powers, which both spring forth from the ether and gain their power from it.

Origin Relations: While the ether is Non-Sentient and has no Relations to other Origins, Chromatic Adepts exist in a circle of dominance, the Wheel of Magic:

        Purple           Orange
        Blue             Yellow
Each color is Superior to the color clockwise of it and Inferior to the color counterclockwise of it. Effects of these relationships are described below as Incidentals.

Origin Orientation: N/A

Apotheosis: Apotheosis is not possible through Chromatic magic

Omnessence Fundamental

Primary Trait: Aura

Affinities: Each color is associated with a Form and a Technique. Adepts have an Affinity of 5 within the sphere of their own color, 4 in the Inferior sphere, and so on around the Wheel. Chromatic Adepts have no ability in the sphere which is Superior to them.

        Red:      Destruction      Energy
        Orange:   Transformation   Organic
        Yellow:   Creation         Physical
        Green:    Conjuration      Reality
        Blue:     Divination       Spirit
        Purple:   Manipulation     Will

Omnessence Availability: Pervasive, Variable. Availability Level is 1d10 in an etheric cataract or eddy, 1d5 in the normal etheric flow, rolled each Access/Action Interval after Adepts have declared their actions. Availability Level in an eddy is reduced by 1 for every 10 Omnessence drawn from it, recovering 1 point for each Interval in which no Omnessence is drawn. If Availability Level is 0 or less, no Omnessence may be drawn in that interval and 5 points of the Adept's accumulated Omnessence will dissipate unless used.

Omnessence Access: Mental (Concentration), Open, Non-Interruptible. Adept must make a Fatigue Trial each Access Interval with a Difficulty of (Current Omnessence Level)/(Aura + Willpower) based on Omnessence Level prior to the Interval's Gathering.

Ease of Access: Variable, normally 1 (No Hindrance)

Access Interval: 5 seconds (1 Action Interval)

Access Facility: Variable - 1d10 in an etheric cataract, 1d5 in an eddy or the normal etheric flow. Access Facility is rolled each Action/Access Interval at the same time as Availability Level. A Chromatic Adept may draw up to Availability Level + Access Facility + Aura Omnessence per Access Interval. Access Facility is reduced by 1 if the Adept is not dressed primarily in the color of his college or by 2 if he wears nothing of his college's color.

Omnessence Amount: Infinite

Omnessence Storage: Possible in specially enchanted vessels. When preparing a Paradigm, Omnessence may be stored within the Paradigm itself. In this case, any excess Omnessence will dissipate when the Paradigm is cast.

Omnessence Nature: Static, Assured

Paradigm Notes

Paradigm Preparation: None required

Paradigm Method: Shape

Casting Time: Instantaneous

Paradigm Range: 10 Yards, Variable (Manipulated)

Paradigm Area: 10 Cubic Yards, Variable (Manipulated)

Paradigm Duration: Instantaneous. Doubling the Base Cost of a Paradigm will give a Base Interval of 10 Seconds (2 Action Intervals). Tripling the Base Cost will give a Base Interval of 5 Minutes.

Paradigm Limitations: None

Participation: Collective, Unlimited (Principal)

Temper Aspects: Anchor, Build, Delay (Delay Interval 30 Minutes, may only have 1 Delayed Paradigm at a time), Extend (Variation Facility: Range 2, Duration 3), Imbed, Maintain, Mechanism, Overpower, Permanence, Removed, Sophistication, Target, Widen (Variation Facility: 2)

Resistance: Counter (+2 Difficulty and +(incoming Effects Might) for Effects Trial), Alter (only against Chromatic spells from own or Inferior college)

Incidentals: Active Resistance trials are at +3 against spells cast by Adepts of the Inferior college and -3 against Adepts of the Superior college.

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