Chromatic Magic: Rainbow Magic

Origin Concept: While most Chromatic Adepts draw upon a single color of ether for their magic and Dark Adepts use the undivided ether, Rainbow Wizards recombine all colors of ether and harness the resulting energy. Unless noted otherwise, Rainbow Wizards conform to the standard Chromatic Origin.

Origin Relations: Rainbow Wizards and Dark Wizards are considered Inferior to each other.

Origin Orientation: Capable in all forms of Chromatic magic, Rainbow Adepts tend to be self-assured to the point of arrogance and often exemplify the worst traits of all the Chromatic colleges.


          Red:    Destruction             Energy          5*
          Orange: Transformation          Organic         5*
          Yellow: Creation                Physical        5*
          Green:  Conjuration             Reality         5*
          Blue:   Divination              Spirit          5*
          Purple: Manipulation            Will            5*

* Rainbow Wizards may choose to gather any color of mana they choose, but may only hold one color at a time. When a Paradigm is cast, the Adept's Affinities are considered to be those of the college whose color is being used, but he does not gain the corresponding Superiority or Inferiority.

Access Facility: Access Facility is reduced by 1 for Rainbow Adepts if they try to draw upon a color they are not wearing.

Resistance: Counter (+2 Difficulty and +(incoming Effects Might) for Effects Trial), Alter (only against Chromatic spells of the same color as the Adept's current mana store or its Inferior college; if the Adept has no mana store, any color may be Gathered for the defense)

Incidentals: Due to their lack of specialization, Rainbow Wizards must pay double IP or Myth Point costs to purchase magical Expertises and any Learning Trials for magical Expertises have their Difficulty increased by 2.

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