The Otters of Iyfav Utl Oufaym are, naturally, quite similar to those of Earth, save for being much larger. An aquatic people, they have developed boats superior to those of the other inhabitants of their world to make long journeys by sea easier and have also begun using their boats for both commerce and raiding.

Physical Characteristics

Frame Value: 3, Average Variation
Height Value: 3 (4'0"), Low Variation
Dark brown to black fur, basically look like giant otters, but with slightly enlarged forepaws.
Highly resistant to cold, tire relatively quickly.
Lifespan: 8-11 years
Background Development: 2 years
Gender Ratio: 66% Male

Background Aspects

Inherent Aspects:
Ambidexterity 9 (Full Hand-Leg), Tolerance of Extremes 2 (Temperature), Accelerated Metabolism 2, Short Attention Span 3
Recommended Aspects:
Light Sleeper
Unique Abilities:
Otters have (Endurance) minutes after becoming Exhausted before they begin to drown and the Difficulty of Hardiness Trials to resist damage from drowning only increases by 1 per (Endurance) Action Intervals rather than each Interval. They also move at full normal movement rate when swimming.
Inherent Expertises:
Physical (Swimming) 4, Language (Otter) 5, Language (Artorian) 2, Language (Ousaav) 1, Language (Thanonshad) 2
Recommended Expertises:
Manipulation, Stealth
Profile Restrictions:
Minimum Attributes:
Agility 5, Manual Dexterity 4, Quickness 5
After purchasing Attributes, increase Agility by 25%, increase Manual Dexterity and Quickness by 50%, and reduce Strength and Willpower by 20%.
Environmental Adaptation:
Prefer warm water climates, but have High adaptablity to both land and water temperature variations, though food intake increases dramatically in colder water. Low tolerance for high altitudes.

Culture and Social Interaction

Dominance: Competence in chosen area of endeavor
Heritage Orientation: Acquisition (Wealth - esp. Shiny Things)
While the Otters live in small communities, they lead largely independent, anarchic lifestyles. They frequently venture ashore to investigate anything which may catch their interest.
Symbols and Creative Arts:
Otter art consists of arranging rocks and Shiny Things in patterns they find attractive. No consistent sybolism has yet appeared.
Clothing and Decoration:
While their physical structure does not lend itself well to clothing, Otters will frequently wear simple harnesses to which they can attach a variety of carrying pouches or baubles.
Religious and Magical Considerations:
Otters have too little organization to have anything recognizable as religion (though there is some reverence for those who have accomplished great things before dying), though they have a notable affinity for manipulative magic.
The Otters have developed from normal sea otters fairly recently and still share most of their ancestor's tendencies. Their primary contact with other species to date has been with the Oufusav, which has gone very poorly, and the Artorans, with whom an alliance has been formed. Gadflies will also often seek out Otter mages when they venture onto land and they have established a presence among the Lashad as well.
There is currently a split forming in Otter society, with approximately 40% of the population turning to trade and attempting to form good relations with the land-dwelling races and the other 60% staying on the coast, building boats and raiding any targets which may appear.

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