• About That Update...

    At long last, here it is.

  • An Open Letter to My Dishwasher

    Consider this your notice.

  • Star Wars Miniatures

    Decent pre-painted stormtrooper minis? Sign me up.

  • Asteroids Do Not Concern Me!

    Finally out of drydock.

  • Something Witty Here

    No, I’m not dead yet.

  • Conan

    Turns out that the originals are now available here in the US.

  • Ouch

    In lieu of new of my personal life, and important Tuber Safety Update.

  • Neglect

    Blog rot sets in a little. But is there light at the end of the tunnel?

  • Last Night's Alias

    “Ms. Bristow, bet’s to you.”
    “I call.”

  • God Bless Neill Cumpston

    Totally not work-safe, spoilers for those poor souls who haven’t read the book, and long way from politically correct. But I do so love this review of Return of the King. Just the dedicated over-the-top-ness of it all is somehow admirable. And I’m glad I wasn’t eating when I saw it, either.

  • The Club Dumas

    Everything that was good about The Ninth Gate, without the lame ending.

  • And Speaking Of...

    A minor annoucement.

  • Power Projection

    Took a look at BITS’ Power Projection, and got a very mixed impression.

  • Wax Online

    Sort of the opposite of entertainment, really.

  • Reloaded, Abridged

    A recap before part three.

  • Back to the Hunt

    The deal fell through. Back to the multiple-listing service.

  • Stargrunt and the Meaning of Minis

    Stargrunt, and what miniature wargames mean to me.

  • Hunting

    Silence. And the scariness of large denominations.

  • More fun!

    I need more fun.

  • Alias

    The season premiere of Alias was tonight.

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