Now that we’re a few weeks into the season (and especially now that Lost has gone on hiatus until February), this seems like a good time to take stock.


I’m not sure what to think, frankly. I’ve been a really big fan of the show. While it’s nice to finally see some more of the Others, I’m getting sort of sick of watching the Jack, Kate, and Sawyer show. And, as much as it’s nice to see Nathan Fillion working, the flashbacks have been pretty weak so far this year. I’d really like my island mystery show back now, please. (Maybe the newly envigorated Locke will save us, the viewers, as well as the castaways!)

Heroes, or Rising Stars, Kinda

I have a sort of love/meh relationship with this show. On the one hand, yay superheroes on prime time TV! And apparently with enough ratings love that it might stick around for a little while. On the other hand, the writing on this show seems really uneven. The speed and ease with which the characters and all of their family members and friends seem to be coming to terms with their powers seems… off. Hiro and Peter just seem to have decided one day that they had powers, and everyone around them is basically, “oh, OK, cool.” And of course the cute little alterna-neighbor is a bad guy. *le sigh*

The Nine

What ABC needed was another flashback-based drama about a group of strangers brought together by circumstances beyond their control, right? But, surprisingly, the show turned out to be mostly about what kind of people they became. And that show, just as surprisingly, is good.

Veronica Mars

Jury’s still out on the several-mini-mysteries angle for this season, although it’s an interesting turn when we seem to be getting even more serial dramas than ever elsewhere. And, yeah, it stretches credibility a bit for all of those people to be going to Hearst. But I think this show’s still got it.

Torchwood & Doctor Who

Shockingly, I hadn’t actually seen any of the new Doctor Who until the last week or so. And, spoilerific as it may be to go this direction, it was the excellence of Torchwood that convinced me to give it a chance. I’m happy to report that Christopher Eccelston is an excellent Doctor (the stills of his very serious demeanor and leather jacket worried me, but his characterization still has the requisite goofiness mixed in). Heck, even my wife likes the show, and believe you me, no one saw that coming!

Oh, and as far as Eve Myles is concerned… Gwen, Gwyneth? You can’t tell me that’s a coincidence. Even if it is Wales.

America’s Next Top Model

Ah, guilty pleasures. Which twin will be first to go? Is it me, or are they making Tyra’s hair bigger and bigger to camoflage the bigger and bigger Tyra? Oh, and for the record: my money’s on Caridee to win it.

What Else?

I’m saving season three of Battlestar Galactica until there are enough episodes to really sit down and just binge on it for an afternoon. This one week at a time business is for the birds. (But reading RPGnet’s fora and avoiding BSG spoilers are fast becoming incompatible.)

I’m also woefully behind on Gray’s Anatomy, but that’s more my wife’s thing. Gotta get those episodes watched and off the DVR, though. :-)

And starting next week… Taye Diggs is Bill Murray in Groundhog Day 2!