The new Nine Inch Nails record, Year Zero, releases next Tuesday (the 17th). You can listen to it now streaming from the album’s web site.

After listening to the album four or five times, I have to say I like it a lot. Stand-out tracks for me are “Good Soldier,” “The Warning” and “In This Twilight.” Honorable mention to “Capital G.” I’m not such a huge fan of “Survivalism,” but as I think back, the first single off of most of his albums didn’t really grab me, either. (“March of the Pigs” from The Downward Spiral, “The Hand That Feeds” from With Teeth… I don’t remember what the first single from The Fragile was, any more.)

There’s also quite the multimedia, alternate-reality game going on concurrently with the release of the album. The nice thing about the internet is that there’s always a group of fans more dedicated than you are who can compile information about stuff like that for you. Rumors of a feature film, as well.