This is probably a familiar line: I don’t really like American Idol. I watch it, a little, because I’m around when the wife is watching. And now that casting is done for this season, I have two things to say.

One: Thanks to NPR, I now have the word for one of the things that has always irritated me endlessly about people auditioning for that show: melisma. I wish I had some idea why it is that people that can’t even stay on the right tune feel that warbling all over the place like they’re at some Bizarro World gospel music championships is gonna get them a spot in Hollywood.

Two: I would be very curious to how Simon’s voting in casting correlates to how long someone lasts in the competition. It seems like a lot of people make it through on two yeses from Randy and Paula. As much as everyone makes a show of hating Simon, I’d be willing to bet that his instinct is pretty good. (Not interested enough to actually re-watch the episodes, compile the list, and track the stats through the season, mind you. But if anyone feels so inclined, let me know!)