In other news, my flirtation with Full Thrust, and several recommendations from others, led me to borrow Stargrunt from Inire. I’m not all that far into it, but I fear that this crazy “realism” thing they seem to be striving for is going to get in the way of what wargames are really about: little painted men blowing the hell out of each other. Optionally, stabbing each other with spiky bits.

I fully appreciate that realism is very important to some people. And that most real armies have chains of command. And that most real soldiers would run right straight away from alien monstrosities from beyond death and space and time. And that tanks don’t do that.

But, dammit, I like giant robots shaped like really mean humanoid cathedrals. I also like good, clean mecha design. (Not like most of our American muck.)

Essentially, I’m a shameless devotee of style, even sometimes over substance. Of atmosphere over realism. And of clean game design, even when that sometimes ignores physics, or a half-century of military science.