In dealing with things monetary and material, it is no surprise that the foremost virtue, and foremost sin, found in the followers of Acquisition are Charity and Avarice. Whether their concern is the wealth and indulgence of themselves or others, whether they see wealth as a tool, or an end unto itself, they are inextricably bound to the material.


The first wife of Adam, Lilith is now wed to Sammael, the Great Adversary. Ever since the creation of Eve and her expulsion from Eden, she has been seeking to seduce and ensnare mankind.

"I endure this mortal wasteland for the sake of Sammael, my love. I partake in the dance of the Heathen politics because it amuses me. Soon I will own them all..."


Of the Infernal Host, Ashmedai is perhaps the least interested in the downfall of mankind. Rather he is a philosopher and occultist who roams the steppes of Asia and ancient, forgotten libraries of Europe in search of hermetic and alchemical lore. In all likelihood, expelled from the One City for seeking too much knowledge.


Once one of the Celestial Cherubim, Balberith became known as the "scriptor" after his Fall, and was the Infernal agent assigned the task of countersigning or notarizing the signatures on pacts made between mortals and the Infernal Host.

"I was called the scriptor in the One City, but my greatest task is at hand. The Judgment has come, and I am to be its chronicler." -Balberith, from his introduction to After the Ruin


One of the four wives of Sammael, and an angel of seduction and prostitution, Namaah (whose name, ironically, means "pleasing") has been called the mother of demons and the Great Seducer even of the Host, both Celestial and Infernal. After the Ruin, she became a powerful Ethnarch in her own right and a founder of the Chain.

Zaphkiel, Chief of Thrones

Chief of the order of Thrones, and one of the 9 angels that ruled the One City, Zaphkiel ("knowledge of God") has become something of a slave to his expensive and exotic tastes since the Ruin. He has been known to aid the Theurgicum from time to time as his whim dictates.

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