The Devotion faction is ruled by Faith and Pride, and thus is represented by one of the strongest and strangest alliances of the Seraphim and the Dukes of Hell in the post-Ruin world. In some sense, all of these Hosts have lost their Purpose with the Ruin. Without the One City, those who were defined by their service there are lost, and even the greatest of the True Fallen must feel incomplete without the eternal struggle they waged against The One.


This red-headed rogue, whose name means "poison angel" is the undisputed leader of the Devotion faction. Before the Ruin, he was the ha-satan, the Great Adversary, leader of the Infernal Host. It was Sammael that tempted Eve in Eden, then later wed Adam's first wife, Lilith.

"I am the greatest of the Fallen, and my Purpose has remained true. Michael has become a violent fool; he knows not what he does. Only by teaching the Heathen and honoring the Traditions can we hope to achieve re-ascension..."


One of the greatest of the Seraphs of the One City, Uriel ("fire of God") was the angel charged with watching over Pandemonium. He is also said to have been the angel set at the gates of Eden with a sword of fire. Now, however, these duties have been made meaningless by the Ruin, and he sets his considerable abilities to the task of gaining reascension.


The Cherub assigned to to the task of guarding the second gate into Heaven, Hadraniel ("majesty of God") has also lost his Purpose in the wake of the Ruin and destruction of the One City. Now he leads his band of followers on a world-spanning pilgrimage, obsessed with finding the spiritual source of the Ruin.


Another of the greatest of the True Fallen, Astaroth was once a Seraph, and Chief of the Thrones (a title now held by Zaphkiel). Even now, he will talk at great length about the Fall, but will seem to hold himself above it. He uses his tremendous influence to control the comings and goings of the Fallen in the service of his master Sammael, and reascension.


Once of the order of Cherubs, and a treasurer of the One City, Iblis was cast out and given her name ("despair") when she refused to reverence the first Man upon his creation. Now she has been given the perfect opportunity to destroy these "creatures made of dust."

"The soldiers of the Black Cartel are my army in the war against the Heathen. Although some call me the devil; I say I am merely the facilitator. The glassy stare of the lone Anubis addict is my ultimate reward."

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