As eternal tinkerers, wanderers, and technophiles, those of the Evolution faction are exemplified by both Temperance and Gluttony. Many of these Hosts have lost their sense of Purpose in the wake of the Ruin, and are left to themselves for the first time since Creation. Some become hermits, wanderers, searching for larger truths; others wallow in their own whim and vice.

Gabriel, Chief of Angels

Of all the angels, probably the most famous, and one of the most tragic after the Ruin. Gabriel ("God is my strength") was the angel of annunciation, and one of the foremost messengers of the One. With that light gone, her Purpose is lost, and she wanders the Matrix alone, using technology to fill the void in her new existence.


Of the ten pre-eminent True Fallen, on a par with Golab and Gamaliel, Usiel ("strength of God") is a wanderer in the Matrix, and is wont to descend on some traveler of the data streams for no reason other than delight in his own chaos, madness shining in his eyes.


Once serving with Zadkiel as Michael's standard bearer in battle, Zophiel ("God's spy") now serves as his spymaster, ever true to his Purpose. As before, he will be at the forefront of any advance, preparing the way for his master's arrival with information and blood.

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