The followers of Preservation are caught between Prudence and Lust. Much like the adherents of Evolution, they seek a Purpose. Many find that Purpose in the simple gratification of their own desires, be it for flesh or blood. Others see their cause in the problem itself: helping to maintain the balance of things, of the Earth itself, when many cannot see beyond themselves.


Despite having lost touch with reality almost completely, Sithriel (whose name is sometimes used to refer to Metatron) clings to one thing in her wanderings through the Matrix and its Facets: her role as protector, shielding the "children of the world" from "the angels of destruction."


One of the leaders of the True Fallen, who travels the world, seeking employ as a free-lance assassin and mercenary of the first order.

"If you want it done right, ask for the one they call the Assassin. No trail, no blood, and lots of pain..."


Once a great leader in Pandemonium, attended by legions of the True Fallen, Bael is now an equally great Ethnarch on earth, and rules Osaka with an iron hand. He also protects and teaches the Infernus, showing them the way down the dark path. He also harbors a great hatred for Raphael, though the reasons have been lost to the ages.


Once a minor figure in the lesser ranks of the Infernal Host, Rimmon ("roarer") has returned to Assyria, where he rules, and is worshiped once again, as in antiquity, as a ruler of storms and thunder. Doubtless he prefers this to his former post as the Infernal ambassador to Russia.

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