Rebellion and its followers balance precariously between Justice and Hate. As angels of vengeance and punishment, many of these Hosts served valuable and necessary positions. After the Ruin, however, with no overriding force to stay their hands, many of them have fallen prey to a lust for shear destruction, no matter the consequence.

Michael, Chief of Archangels

One of the foremost among all the Heavenly Host, Michael ("who is as God") was one of the greatest servants of The One. It was Michael who lead the Host against the Fallen, who held the keys to the One City, and who shepherded the faithful to heaven. How the "Sustainer of Man" could have become the vengeful destroyer that Michael is today no one quite knows.

"I am the Successor of the Light that is lost. The Heathen and their world are convenient tools, nothing more..."


Abdiel ("servant of God") is the Seraph responsible for routing many of the True Fallen during the initial fighting that broke out at the First Fall, among them his sworn enemy Arioch. Sammael himself is said to have felt the bite of Abdiel's sword. In Michael's service he can be found wherever there is most dire need of his terrible might.


Golab, whose name means "incendiaries," is one of the chief adversaries, or satans. He has always been a Fallen Angel of wrath and sedition, a bringer of death, so it is no surprise that Michael won him over to his cause after the Ruin. He continues to pursue his Purpose with zeal, serving Michael unconditionally for the joy of death and destruction.


An Angel of fire and vengeance, Nathanael ("gift of God") was the 6th angel to be created. Now he carries his rage and mission of punishment across a new battlefield.

"Attend me, my faithful. I have heard the call to the final battle, and the world itself is its theatre. For I am the Redeemer, and those who would desecrate the Lost Eden shall taste my wrath..."

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