Stagnation, as a faction, is torn between Fortitude and Sloth, and united by a common point of view: the world is well on its way down the slippery declining slope (the Ruin being ample proof and example). The difference is in attitude: some say that the path can be reversed, given time and perseverance, while others scoff, and wait for the end, indulging themselves as much as possible before it comes.


The "Lord of the Flies" was the ruler of the domains of Pandemonium prior to the Ruin, subject only to the commands of Sammael himself. Now he works behind the scenes, slowly working to rebuild the armies he once commanded.

"My followers are legion, and they are among you...."


Once the keeper of the key to the Abyss, Appolyon ("destroyer") was himself cast into it when he sided with Sammael in his rebellion and Fall. Now he rules the subterranean realms.

"I am called the 'Black Sun,' and my domain is the underground of this forsaken earth. In the tunnels beneath the teeming cities, I sow dissent and gather my faithful."

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