The chief attributes of the remaining followers of the old Traditions are Hope and Envy. They have never given up the dream of one day regaining the Empyrean and rebuilding the One City, and stubbornly adhere to their ways. But sometimes, when the dream isn't quite as bright, they are jealous of the new Purposes which many others of the Fallen seem to have found.

Sandalphon, Chief of Seraphim

Twin brother of the lost Metatron, and tallest of the Hosts, he now wanders the Cores as a street preacher, clinging to the Traditions, and waging an unceasing war on Sammael, as of old. Though it may seem that little remains of one of the mightiest of all the Host, his influence is still strong, and when he chooses to exert his will, few can stand in his way.

Ophaniel, Chief of Cherubim

The angel given dominion over the moon, and sometimes referred to as "the angel of the wheel of the moon." While once the chief of the order of ofanim (thrones), we was later made Chief of the Cherubim.

If we remain true to them, the Nine Traditions will guide us into a glorious new age. Follow me, my brethren, and we will restructure the Hierarchy on earth.


Once the chosen companion of Abdiel, Abbadona was for a while unsure of the wisdom of joining Sammael in rebellion against The One. Now wholly committed to the cause, she lives only to destroy the denizens of the earth she detests.

We are the gluttons and the Heathen are our feast. If we cannot break them, we will destroy them. The Cartels are our valuable tool.

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