The Metatron Enigma

No consequence of the Ruin has changed the face of the world more than the newly felt influence and presence of the Fallen. Although their existence in many quarters is certainly no secret, most unenlightened mortals still do not realize that the Fallen walk among them. For both Forlorn and True Fallen alike, the hinge concept of the Ruin is something they call the Metatron Enigma (the Forlorn say this with reverence, the True Fallen with glee).

The Metatron Enigma is the source of most immortal conjecture surrounding the circumstances of the Ruin. At the moment of destruction, all activity in the One City ceased in a blinding flash. Those among the Fallen who experienced this recount that their next sensation was , literally, one of falling.

Those who would call themselves Forlorn awakened in the Wilds (their name for the mundane world) and immediately felt a disturbing lack of presence - the chief among them, Metatron, was not present. This being was often equated with the Light itself, and also served as an integral facet of the Word. His absence did not bode well for their new situation, and rampant speculation began immediately.

Had Metatron and/or the Light itself been destroyed in the Ruin? This seemed unlikely, since several of the more far-seeing among the Forlorn had caught glimpses of the One City lying in ruins (but it was never destroyed in these visions). Could their chief be hiding among them, then? Most thought not. Were they being tested in some manner? This seemed a distinct possibility. Had the time of reckoning arrived at last, and had they been cast out as punishment for long-forgotten sin? Had they been banished for an unknown transgression? Perhaps they had been sent into the Wilds to prepare the way for something (the Return, perhaps?). Should they be seeking answers or awaiting instructions?

The nature of their fall had engendered a crippling factionalism from the moment of their awakening, and most quickly went their separate ways. Unlike their demonic counterparts, who had been interacting with men for millennia, the Forlorn began to experience severe adaption pains. Unschooled in the intricacies of emotion and Free Will, the Fallen were helpless in the face of a bleak and unforgiving world. Many reacted with violence toward their former human charges, forgetting or dismissing promises made in the One City so long ago...

Others became new Ethnarchs, claiming vast territories as their own. Some attempted to restore and hold the sacred Traditions on earth, maintaining that the Hierarchies must remain strong and unified if any were to survive. Some entered leagues of mutual assistance with their demonic brethren, thinking the experiences of the latter could only benefit them in the new world (after all, who better to learn from than those who have already embraced experience for millennia). And finally, some retreated to the farthest corners of the earth or the Dream in a desperate attempt to disavow that which they could not accept (these are called "Hermits" by the True Fallen). The sundering was complete.

As the Forlorn awakened in the Wilds, the True Fallen, the demons, watched as the seals between the Pandemonium and earth weakened even further. Many among them had been preparing their return for aeons, nudging humanity along desired paths but rarely becoming directly involved in the affairs of men. They had long roamed the growing expanse of the Matrix, using it as one of their principal vehicles of influence because it had been easier to enter than the Wilds. However, they were prevented from passing beyond the Shroud (which they call the Mirror, since they can only perceive their own reflection), and could not enter the Dream at all.

All this has changed. Now, with the seals melting away and nearly gone, they may travel freely where once they were forbidden. Not organized in the strictest sense of the word (which could eventually be their undoing...), their society has definitely assumed a degree of ordered purpose during its difficult evolution in Pandemonium. They spill wholly into the Wilds, for those gates have long since disappeared, and assiduously work at breaching the Shroud. As yet causing only small rips and tears in the spirit, they can feel the barriers weakening. They know persistence will eventually be rewarded with a breach. They can see the Mirror growing hazy.

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