After engaging in yet another one of those senseless mailing list conversations where, mid-way in, I found myself wondering how the hell I got there, I formulated the following rule, which I will now promulgate as “Otto’s First Law of Internet Discourse”:

The dick that is half as long, waves twice as hard.

Crude? Yes. But you know the type. The folks who always rush the fastest to establish themselves as some kind of authority are almost always the same folks who don’t actually have the first clue what they’re talking about. The same sort of person who believes that this kind of statement compensates for being a condescending jackass:

Well… I’ve been building web applications, professionally, since early 1995. I’d say it’s not too surprising that my views on what qualifies as a web app are a bit different than most. :)

(For the record, it’s not surprising. But probably not for the same reason the author of that sentence believes.)