We had the inspection of the house I mentioned last week, and that didn’t go so well. Mrs. Me was pretty disappointed, and I wasn’t all that thrilled, either. Place needs a new roof, some maintenance to the rafters themselves, the A/C and water heater on toward their end-of-life, there are settlement cracks in the foundation, lots of little plumbing tasks, drainage issues on the sides of the house….

Nothing by itself was completely infeasible. But that’s still a lot of money, and it was a profusion of stuff, not just one thing. I could see having to drop a lot of money to get it all taken care of, and that’s really not what we’re looking for. So… back to it.

One of the unfortunate realities of the market in this city is that the edges are so much less expensive than the middle. The tract homes out in Sahuarita and Vail are the prime examples, of course, but even close in, the difference can be pretty large. I’m really trying to stay on this side of Wilmot, but it may get difficult.