I’ve had my Mac on my desk here at home running as itself continuously for about 72 hours now, which is the longest stretch it’s done that in about two years. For most of that time, it’s been running from a little external SSD. That started out as a clone of the hard drive of the Mac on my desk at work. You know, just so I could be productive for the few weeks that everyone was going to be working from home….

Now it’s 23 months later, that SSD is pretty much dead, and I’ve just taken delivery of a new (to me) MacBook Pro for work stuff. That, in turn, means that my own Mac gets to resume its own identity, which makes it much easier to work on this blog again.

We skip over quite a bit of working from home, and the adjustments (good and bad) that that brought. We skip over an entire school year from home (it went pretty well, actually, and far better than anyone had any right to expect). We skip over months of remote gaming (thanks, Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator!).

Not, of course, that all of that is done. We finally took the shrinkwrap off of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, but it still feels uncomfortably close to a LARP. There are only like three people in the office on a regular basis. My desk was completely overrun by a networking project the IT folks are working on when I dropped by to pick up that MBP.

But… now that I have access to the toolchain again, and I know everything’s up to date, and my build process is working, maybe I’ll actually post again before another four years go by?