Oufaav Liyth

The Oufaav Liyth (Ousav: "Exiled Men", singular Ouf Liyth) were once the kinsmen of the Artoran humans, but then the Artorans chose to abandon them. They have since become hardened and bitter, but this resentment has pushed them on to become the most technologically and magically advanced of the known nations.

Physical Characteristics

Frame Value: 6 (Male) / 5 (Female), Variation Average
Height Value: 6 (Male 5'6", Female 5'3"), Variation Average
Slightly Dark to Average complexion, Black to Medium Brown straight hair, Black to Brown or Dark Green eyes
Fairly tough, but weakening slightly as technology and cities develop. Good resistance to disease.
Lifespan: 25-30
Background Development: 8 years
Gender Ratio: 50% Male at birth, 65% male in general population

Background Aspects

Inherent Aspects:
Recommended Aspects:
Resistance (Disease)
Unique Abilities:

Expertises and Attributes

Inherent Expertises:
Language (Ousaav) 5, Language (Gebgengin) 1, Language (Artorian) 3, Language (Thanonshad) 1
Recommended Expertises:
Craft (Farming)
Profile Restrictions:
Minimum Attributes:
Environmental Adaptation:
Prefer temperate to warm plains, but have High tolerance for other climates, though colder areas and seasons require insulating clothing or other means of preserving heat.

Culture and Social Interaction

Dominance: Based on age and perceived wisdom.
Heritage Orientation: Ethnocentric (Reaction - Exclusion)
The average Ouf Liyth lives in or near a town, engaging in some form of agricultural pursuit.
As this is an all-encompassing Heritage Template for Ouf Liyth society, this information can be found in the Oufusav writeup.
Symbols and Creative Arts:
Simple, closed, hollow geometric forms are commonly used, with triangles being associated with simple concepts and greater numbers of sides (usually regular polygons) representing more complex concepts and the circle associated with society or a settlement as a whole.
Clothing and Decoration:
Light- to moderate-weight cloth is worn throughout much of the year, with skins and furs becoming more common in colder climes. While clothing is generally unadorned and left in its natural colors, jewelry made of painted stones, bone, and sticks is common and generally follows the simple geometric patterns described above.
Both sexes wear similar clothing, consisting of separate upper and lower garments. Shirts and skirts are the norm within settled areas, with long pants replacing the skirts in more rural areas where the extra protection of the legs is required. Skirts are normally worn over loincloths. In extremely warm weather, the loincloths may be worn alone.
Women who are Unfree are marked by a triangular scar (point down) beneath the right eye. Though it is not the norm, some slaves are only allowed to wear loincloths (assuming favorable weather).
Religious and Magical Considerations:
The Oufaav Liyth are the only society which has become sufficiently concentrated for gods to coalesce from the astral energy, as detailed in the religious Origin documents. They have also developed magic more fully than any other group except the Caretakers.
The Oufaav Liyth have a rather old society which was changed radically by their first encounter with the Artoran Cats. Many of the human hunters found that they were able to telepathically link themselves to the Cats, allowing them to hunt far more efficiently. With this increased ability, nearly all humans who could link soon became hunters and, in time, the hunters came to dominate the society. Eventually, the linked hunters declared the others useless and forced them from the camps, leaving them to their own devices.
The loss of their main hunting force cost the Oufaav Liyth many lives, but also sped their development of fishing and agriculture. Once these sources of food were established, they turned to technology and magici first as ways of defending themselves against the occasional raiders and tribes of Artorans with which they fought. This advancement is now being turned towards revenge.
Partly due to the influence of the Artoran Cats, the hunters became a primarily matriarchal group before exiling the non-linked members of the society. The Oufaav Liyth have since blamed most of their problems on allowing women to get out of control and thus have come to repress women frequently and often brutally. Women and children are often treated as property; the Ousaav expression for "child of" is even identical to the possessive.

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