My Fuzion Material

I'm not the most prolific of writers, but among other things, I will be dropping my various articles converting aspects of the Ultimate Martial Artist in this space. Assuming I revise them, the latest version will always be found here.

Fuzion Badges

For anyone who feels the need for such a thing, I have a number of web-ready Fuzion logo badges here for your use (and, yes, these things have been at least unofficially blest by Hero Games).


I start my work on converting the UMA with the maneuvers. This article describes the maneuvers in Fuzion terms, provides expanded rules for some aspects of martial arts, and gives notes on using the UMA maneuver conversion system in Fuzion.

Generic Weapons & Armor PDF

Since this information was removed from the Fuzion rules PDF in version 5.0, I have compiled the generic weapon and armor statistics from the old version here. The melee weapon statistics have been revised to bring them a little closer to the Hero versions, and make weapons like the dagger more useful.

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