Heresy: Kingdom Come

Heresy Kingdom Come® is a trading card game of darkness and reascension. Fallen angels, cyberpunk demons and forsaken mortals clash amidst the Ruin of a blasted earth. You and your opponents assume the roles of great and powerful seraphim vying for global, spiritual and virtual dominion in the face of overwhelming odds. The struggle for reascension has only just begun...

General Information

+FAQ (2/7/96): The official frequently asked questions list, including all current rulings, about Heresy. Maintained by the Heresy Netrep, Denis Chagnon.

+Tournament Rules: The alpha version of the official Heresy tournament rules. Written and maintained by the Heresy Netrep, Denis Chagnon.

+Simple card lists

+Contacting LUG: How to get in touch with the publishers of Heresy and the roleplaying game Aria: Canticle of the Monomyth.

+ Sendai Bubble: A web site with a full online database of the 374 cards in the limited edition set.

+Other web sites: Here is a list of the other Heresy pages that I know of. Please do let me know if you know of any that are missing.


Original Cards

All new Hosts, Heathens, Alephs, and more to make your games even better, including some new card types.

The World of Heresy

Find out more about the fascinating backdrop to this game, and the people, places, and... angels that make it so unique.

Info on this Page

Credit where credit is due. Find out where the text, art, and concepts used in these pages came from.