I’ve been applying for a fair number of jobs lately, and it struck me that I didn’t really have anything to offer potential employers who were asking for a portfolio link. So along with cleaning up my Github profile and posting a web version of my résumé, I put together a little showcase page where I can talk about some of the things I’ve worked on. Trying to sell myself is one of the things I enjoy least, but I’m trying to do better.

Along the way, I also redesigned the rest of the site. The blog doesn’t look all that different apart from some new fonts and colors, but the markup has been significantly simplified. The homepage is much less stark, and I’ve tried to extend that design approach to the other new pages.

The color scheme throughout is inspired by a couple of my favorite paintings: Georgia O’Keeffe’s pictures of New York City, specifically A Street and New York Street with Moon. Like most people, I was familiar with her big closeups of flowers and Southwestern landscapes, and I was blown away the first time I saw some of her earlier abstractions and these urban landscapes. They’re a little Expressionist, very 1920s, and I love them. (It also turns out that A Street, of which I have a framed print on my office wall, was deaccessioned by The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum back in 2018, so that print is the closest you’re going to get to seeing it now.)