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Background Information

Iyfav Utl Oufaym: "The Lands of All Men" (Ousav)

The world of Oufaym was created as a joint venture by myself and the members of my gaming group. After deciding to include multiple sentient species in our world, each player was allowed to design his or her species and nation more-or-less at will. The designs, designers, and basic concepts were as follows:

Artorans (Amy & Kyra)
The Artorans are a primitive hunting society; half are human, the other half are feline. Except for the very young, each human shares a telepathic bond with one cat. Those human children who cannot form this bond are exiled; these outcasts have become the Oufav Liyth.
Caretakers (Dave O.)
The Caretakers are a somewhat pacifistic race of nontechnological living rocks. Until very recently, there were 24 Caretakers and they are immortal. Nobody knows how they originated, none have ever been born, and only one has ever died.
Gadflies (Bret)
The Gadflies were conceived as "a race of natural familiars" and quickly developed into a species of magical batteries which are incapable of using magic themselves. They are flying, carrion-eating reptiles. Spellcasting has a narcotic effect on any Gadflies in the area.
Otters (Brian)
Otters are very like their terrestrial counterparts, though somewhat larger. They are the most advanced group with regard to naval technology, but very few in number. The Otter society has begun to split into distinct subgroups of raiders and traders.
Rabbits (Faye)
The Rabbits have been isolated from the other races for quite some time, having been placed in hiding by the Caretakers to prevent their genocide. While they remain timid, many Rabbits have come to the conclusion that the threats in the outside world don't exist and some have ventured forth to investigate.
Working from this basis, I then developed the human nations. The non-human races are currently monolithic, partly because of the extra effort involved in detailing the race before nations could be developed, and partly because they all have limited numbers. Their names have been left in English because we wouldn't be able to pronounce their names for themselves, even in cases where such names exist.

Technology is uniformly low. The Oufusav are the only nation in the modern sense of the word and the only Fully Agricultural society in the known world. The Otters have simple sailing craft, the Rabbits are familiar with gold and silver, and the Gadflies can distill liquor; these are the highest levels of achievement in their respective fields.

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